Tom Rooney

Photo: Tom

Me and my Work: Working towards giving autonomous underwater robots a sense touch, and enabling them to feel the water moving around them by using whiskers

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would the drone pollute the sea if it crashed

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Stuart Inglis

Photo: Stu

Me and my Work: I’m a mechanical engineer who designs tools and upgrades for underwater robots called ROVs

Status: Woop woop! Thanks to all the students, my fellow engineers and the moderators for a brilliant two weeks!

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Paul Webb

Photo: Paul

Me and my Work: I work with the lastest technology for creating breads, pancakes, crumpets I get to work on all sorts of equipment an I get to fix problems using my initiate have total freedom to decide an make my ideas into reality to fix a problem or make improvements, I listen to my team and see how their ideas could become more, and I help them to develop those ideas to make a presentation to the directors

Status: Bring on the questions ;)

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Melanie Zimmer

Photo: Melanie

Me and my Work: Graduate Engineer / PhD student researching into monitoring and model learning methods

Status: Thanks to all the students for that great experience and congrats to Stu! Well done! :) Students, please get in contact if there is anything you want to know or if you want to come and visit us with your class! :)

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Abbie Hutty

Photo: Abbie

Me and my Work: Lead Engineer for the Structure Design on the first European Mars Rover

Status: Wondering what kind of craziness I've signed up to...

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