• Question: Does engineering mean a lot to you? And why?

    Asked by AJ99 to Stu, Abbie on 11 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by EmAn22.
    • Photo: Stuart Inglis

      Stuart Inglis answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      It does, I suppose it’s a big part of me that has been there from building Lego as a child right the way up to doing what I do now. I’ve always loved problem solving and making things, and I feel that through these we can improve the way we do everyday tasks and advance humanity.

    • Photo: Abbie Hutty

      Abbie Hutty answered on 13 Mar 2016:

      Yeah, it does. It kind of came out of nowhere for me – I never even knew what an engineer was until after I started looking into it after my GCSEs. But now I’ve discovered it, and I love it!

      I guess I’ve always been an engineer, I just never knew that’s what it was called. I love designing and making things, and using my practical and technical skills together to come up with cool or fun projects.

      Now I get to build stuff that goes to other planets, and I love it! I really feel I was lucky finding my way into a job I love so much, when I understood it so little when I was at school. That’s why I’m so keen to do things like IAEGMOOH and other STEM ambassador stuff. I was really lucky to find my way to where I am now – and I definitely stumbled my way through some very important decisions just doing what felt right, but with no real understanding of where I was heading or what those decisions might mean to my future career. So I want to help other students who are like I was, and don’t understand engineering, to find out about it, so that they can make informed decisions about whether they might enjoy it as well and what they need to do to get to a job they’ll love too.